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The Best New Summer Menswear to Buy This Week: August 4, 2023

Aug 04, 2023Aug 04, 2023

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Say it isn’t so, but summer has entered its final act. But don’t get down: there are plenty of balmy days left for cotton-and-silk Dunhill tees, lightweight cashmere polos by Todd Snyder and suede canoe mocs from Yuketen and Wythe. And once the tide begins to turn decisively toward fall, you’ll be more than ready to pull on a waxed leather Belstaff Trialmaster or a polo-collar sweatshirt from Norse Projects. Stay positive.

Societal norms designate the bathrobe an indoors-only garment. But if it should come with a hood—like this heavyweight terry number with a subtle stripe pattern from Missoni does—it can be worn outside for beach walks at the very least.

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It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, so long as everyone has fun. Or rather, has the opportunity to pick up this Thom Browne varsity jacket, which gets the fun shirt treatment with mismatched patches of virgin-wool flannel.

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If you hear that a shirt is floral-patterned and made from silky lyocell, you’d guess that it’s cut like an Aloha shirt, or has a camp collar at the very least. Well, you’d be wrong in the example of this Tom Ford leisure shirt, which has a sober button-down collar and long sleeves with barrel cuffs despite (or because of?) its let-your-hair-down pattern and fabric.

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Stubbs & Wootton’s New England slippers feature a cotton-linen upper, nappa leather trim, and embroidered sigils of the Upper Northeast—in particular, a scenic lighthouse and a breaching whale. Accessorize with fried clams, madras shorts, and an inability to sound out the letter “r.”

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Patchwork pants and jackets are practically expected in today’s anarchic fashion landscape. But a patchwork T-shirt in tonal grey, as is the case with this simultaneously strong and subtle piece from Golden Goose, can still surprise.

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It’s cliché to say that a garment serves as the blank canvas for the designer’s art, but when it comes to this hand-painted Harago shirt that can be said literally. The cotton, spread collar shirt has been vividly illustrated with tree branches and perching birds straight out of an Eric Carle storybook.

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This long-sleeved piqué polo from Jacquemus could be considered camouflage on the Amalfi coast. Slip into it, and you’ll be lost amid the striped awnings of its corner cafes.

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Wythe has again joined hands with Yuketen to make a pair of 1950s-inspired canoe mocs in the USA. Only this time they’ve gone a little gonzo on the colors, including this pair made with suede dyed a deep shade of pine.

Buy Now on Wythe: $500

Brown jeans are underrated. And brown jeans that happen to be garment-dyed, cut with an of-the-moment wide-leg and secured via a detachable sliding belt? Triply so.

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These Toga Virilis tassel loafers are pretty metal—and not in the Ozzy Osborne sense, but in the mineral sense. You see, the Tokyo-based streetwear label has applied metal beads and plaques to the calfskin shoes at critical places, giving this prep style a decidedly punk edge.

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The partnership between Ciele Athletics and Puma has rebooted the track jacket, rendering this modernist take with a subdued color palette, contrast panels and asymmetrical cut lines. It may look good, but it’s built to perform—which it will do handily, thanks to water-repelling and moisture-wicking tech.

Buy Now on Ciele: $120

Hemp is the secret ingredient is these straight-leg jeans from Róhe, which have been dyed the perfect shade of off-white. The fiber, which shares equal billing with cotton in the fabric blend, amps up the texture while remaining soft.

Buy Now on Matches: $259

We know you’re dying to get into some cashmere. But you needn’t wait for the first cool night in September. Instead, slip into one of Todd Snyder’s cashmere Montauk polos made from a lightweight, extra-fine 14-gauge knit.

Buy Now on Todd Snyder: $348

When a shirt is compared to a household textile, it’s not typically meant as a compliment. But it’s a factual statement when it comes to this semi-sheer cotton shirt from Bode, whose extravagant design was pulled from a gloriously over-the-top 1940s tablecloth.

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Sometimes a simple sweatshirt is kicked up with a single design detail, like a chest pocket. But in this instance, Norse Projects has not only added an oversized chest pocket to this organic cotton loopwheel sweatshirt, but thrown in a half-placket and a collar, too.

Buy Now on Norse Projects: $295

Diagonally woven cotton drill fabric is typically known for its durability and heft. But Jil Sander’s found a more summer-friendly version lightened by linen and cut it into a breezy camp shirt with some serious drape.

Buy Now on Norse Projects: $1,280

About 100 years ago, the U.S. Navy was issuing some pretty solid jeans. Who knew? Apparently, Scott Fraser Simpson, as the vintage-loving English designer has crafted a modern version from 14oz denim, complete with a wide leg and high waist that feel of the moment today.

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Silk’s lightness, soft handle, and unrivaled breathability make it an ideal fabric for summertime. That being said, crafting a T-shirt from 100 percent silk would be absurd. But making one from 70 percent cotton and 30 percent silk, which happens to be the composition of this Dunhill tee, is just good sense.

Buy Now on Mr Porter: $495

For years, men wishing to imitate Steve McQueen have had to choose between rocking a leather jacket or a waxed cotton one. Belstaff has settled the matter by making a leather version of its iconic Trialmaster that’s been hand-waxed to repel water and set the stage for a magnificent patina to come.

Buy Now on Mr Porter: $1,695

The cool, crisp, and slightly sheeny combination of wool and mohair is often used in evening wear. But Gucci’s gone ahead and used it to make a pair of track-style pants with an elasticated waistband and cotton trim at the sides, and we like the results.

Buy Now on Mytheresa: $1,350

Japanese bagmakers Porter Yoshida & Co. must be in possession of a shrink ray; we can’t imagine how they could have created this dramatically scaled-down daypack otherwise. In its current, miniaturized state, it’s just the thing for holding a phone, keys—and if room allows for it—maybe a tube of chapstick.

Buy Now on Couverture & the Garbstore: $205

Nordic sweater season comes early courtesy of this patterned rollneck from Ralph Lauren Purple Label, whose crunchy yarn is composed of 100% mulberry silk. Rarely has a cozier-looking piece of knitwear proven so light.

Buy Now on Ralph Lauren: $1,295

The time for proper, dark-washed denim and chore coats is approaching. And if you’re chomping at the bit for both, get your fix all at once with this five-pocket Drake’s chore cut from stone-washed selvedge denim.

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