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Keep Your Outdoor Curtains Still On A Windy Day With These Hacks

Jun 28, 2023Jun 28, 2023

Outdoor curtains add form and function to an outdoor space. Light, flowy fabric brings the softness of indoors out while also providing shade and protection from harsh conditions. However, if your curtains are not adequately secured at the top and the bottom, you may end up getting smacked in the face with every gust of wind. You can keep your curtains and have a serene outdoor space by incorporating a few hacks to keep them from blowing around.

Before you think about weighing them down, there are a few types of curtains you can use that will withstand the elements. Steer clear of anything absorbent, like tapestries or most standard indoor window curtains. While there are curtains specifically made for use on gazebos or porches, you can also get creative. Fabric shower curtains are made to repel water and come in a variety of styles and patterns. If you want to make your own curtains, use fabric specifically made for outside purposes. Now that you know what kind of curtains to use, here are some ideas for keeping them in place — including curtain tiebacks, decorative weights, heavy washers, and more.

When the wind starts to howl, you can protect your curtains using curtain tiebacks. This will keep them from getting damaged by the wind as well as keep them from knocking over everything in their path. Look for outdoor-friendly materials — again, nothing absorbent or fragile.

A simple length of rope or polyester ribbon is sufficient for this task, but if you want something more attractive, you can purchase magnetic tiebacks that are specifically made for the outdoors. Instead of fussing with knots and ties while the wind blows, you just have to wrap the tieback around your curtain and a post and place the magnetic ends together. Another option is a rope-inspired product that has a large, heavy ball at one end that inserts into a loop at the other. If your style is more boho or nautical than modern, they might fit perfectly into your outdoor decor.

When you are not in the midst of a wind storm, but still need to secure your curtains from the occasional gust, a simple solution is to add decorative weights to the bottom. Although these products are typically used to secure tablecloths when dining outside, they are pretty enough to add to your curtains to keep them still.

Decorative curtain weights come in two types: clip-on and magnetic. Whatever style you choose, you will need several for each curtain to keep them still on a moderately windy day. Of course, the number you need will depend on your typical weather conditions and how heavy each clip is. For example, some cast iron weights are just over 4 ounces each, while other rope-style clips weigh less than 2 ounces. Magnetic clips are considerably lighter, so this is only a good option for areas with gentle breezes. When you are shopping for decorative weights, look for rust-proof materials like stainless steel.

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If you do not want to fuss with tiebacks every time the weather gets bad, you can secure the bottom of your curtain with rope or wire, which will ensure the fabric never blows around. This process makes the fabric more like a sliding privacy screen than a breezy curtain, but it still offers all the benefits of outdoor protection without worrying about harsh weather conditions.

To secure the bottom, use a length of rope or wire long enough to tie around each corner of your outdoor space. If you have an area with small corner posts, you can just secure your rope or wire around those posts. For porches or gazebos with thick wood, you can install an eye hook to tie off the ends. Connect your rope or wire to one corner of your space, run it through the bottom hem of the curtain, then pull it taut before connecting it to the other end. Then, simply slide your curtain open or closed as needed.

One variation of this hack involves inserting a chain link from one end of the bottom hem to the other like TikTok user @keishkong did in their video. While this will prevent you from being able to effectively slide the curtains along the bottom, it will keep them secure and also relieve you of needing to be mindful of the rope or wire at the base.

This option functions much like using clip-on or magnetic weights, but it can be invisible. This is certainly a cheap option that just requires a minimal amount of sewing skills. Washers are flat metal rings used for a multitude of projects around the house and in construction. These products come in a variety of sizes and the larger they are, the more they weigh. The benefit of washers in this project is that they are open in the middle, so you can easily sew them to the bottom of a curtain to weigh it down.

You will need a heavy-duty thread and a basic sewing needle for this project. Quilt-weight polyester thread available at any craft store will do the trick. Choose a washer that is less than 1 inch in diameter, and sew them inside or outside of the hem on the bottom of your curtain about 12 inches apart. This option will only work for sturdy fabrics like canvas or thick polyester. A sheer fabric does not have the tensile strength for this kind of weight.

Curtains in protected areas without much wind may just need a few magnets to keep them still. If you are using shower curtains for your outdoor space, they may already have magnets sewn into the bottom of each corner to help them stick to metal bathtubs. Regardless of the kind of curtain you are using, you can add one double-sided magnet to the bottom corners of the curtain, and another to the post where you want it to attach.

An adhesive magnet set could be used for a variety of projects around the house. To use it for your curtains, you will probably need some heavy-duty craft glue to stick one magnet to the fabric. Once that dries, remove the adhesive backing from the other magnet side and place it on the corner of your wood or metal post. Repeat on the other corner, connect the magnets, and enjoy the ease of being able to open and close your curtains while keeping them still through gentle breezes.