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The 13 Best Linen Tablecloths of 2023

Jun 05, 2023Jun 05, 2023

These expert-recommended linen tablecloths look beautiful and are easy to wash.

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The right tablecloth can transform a dining room (or kitchen!), depending on its color, pattern, and style. But choosing the best tablecloth isn’t just about looks or nailing the right size: Materials matter, too. Orlando Soria, an interior designer, writer, and television personality, says that texture and washability are two important factors when deciding how to set your table. Linen tablecloths earn high marks for everyday luxury, thanks to their stellar performance in both these categories.

“Linen still looks good even if it’s a little wrinkled,” says design expert Emily Henderson, who prizes the material for its low maintenance requirements. But not all linen is created equal. Tablecloths are available at a variety of price points, depending on their fabric makeup. 100% linen is often more expensive and has a highly textured feel. On the other hand, linen blends are more affordable and less prone to wrinkling and staining but may compromise on texture and visual appeal.

We’ve used our experts’ advice to round up the below list of the best linen tablecloths for every budget, table size, and decor style.


Pros: This tablecloth won’t wrinkle due to its blended fabrics. It’s inexpensive and available in four sizes.

Cons: The natural hue may not work with more colorful styles; the percentage of polyester is high, which may not suit all tastes.

We’re head over heels for this beautiful linen blend tablecloth. It’s woven with polyester for a no-stress, low-wrinkle maintenance routine: Just machine wash, tumble dry, and set the table. The detailed hemstitching gives it a special look and makes it seem much more expensive than it is.

Price at time of publish: From $32


Pros: This tablecloth has a pretty and unique pattern; it looks fancy but is inexpensive.

Cons: Not all colors and patterns are available in all dimensions. It’s not 100% linen.

If you’re looking for an affordable linen tablecloth that looks expensive, your journey ends here. This Amazon pick has plenty of charm, including a tasseled border, and patterns that feel bespoke. No matter which design you choose, the mellow, neutral color scheme will mesh well with most modern home decor. And yep: It’s machine washable (even with those tassels!). Just be sure to use cold water, as natural fibers will shrink when exposed to heat.

Price at time of publish: $32

Pros: It’s handcrafted and has a one-of-a-kind look.

Cons: Only one size is available. The lavender color won’t be to everyone’s taste.

This option from a renowned jewelry and home designer has a whimsical arts-and-crafts aesthetic that’s perfect for spring. We like that this tablecloth is 100% linen, which means it wears a slightly rumpled look well. If you’re already swooning over this style, you may want to pick up a set of Chan Luu napkins — they come in matching or complementary colors.

Price at time of publish: $198


Pros: There are many color combinations to choose from. It is inexpensive and ships quickly.

Cons: Due to availability issues, the color you want may not be in stock in your ideal shape and dimensions.

Savvy buyers know that many linen tablecloths are a blend of cotton and linen fibers. This Amazon find is a rare diamond thanks to its 100% linen construction for a very attractive price. It comes in a pleasing number of colors (the Natural White and Capri combo is particularly pretty for casual dining). If your dream color isn’t in stock in the right size, bookmark the page and check frequently: The available stock changes regularly.

Price at time of publish: $95


Pros: This tablecloth won’t blow away in the wind, so it’s great for outdoor dining.

Cons: It’s a Food52 exclusive, so you can’t shop around for a better price. There is only one color available.

This linen tablecloth is no-frills, but it does have handy cotton ties attached to brass grommets to keep it tied to table legs in windy weather. Its 100% linen composition makes it durable and strong, so it can handle daily use in the alfresco dining season. It’s machine washable — just be sure to use the gentle cycle with cold water, and tumble dry it on low heat.

Price at time of publish: From $93

Pottery Barn

Pros: It’s made with sustainably sourced fabrics and is easy to maintain thanks to its cotton and linen blend.

Cons: Only one size is available.

In a sea of creamy beige ticking stripes, dare to be a riot of summer blooms. This brightly-colored tablecloth is patterned with an entire garden’s worth of flowers, making it perfect for tea parties, spring and summer dinners, and maybe even an evening or two in the doldrums of winter, when warmer weather seems like a distant memory.

Price at time of publish: $139


Pros: This durable tablecloth is stain-resistant, reversible, and doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Cons: It’s not real linen. The texture is rough.

Hosting a big dinner party? Or regularly serve messy eaters? This tablecloth is the perfect compromise of natural aesthetics and durable, sensible table linens. Although it's made from synthetic fibers, the aesthetic and feel are similar to linen — the only way you’ll be able to tell the difference is in how much easier it is to care for than the real deal.

Price at time of publish: From $57

Williams Sonoma

Pros: This tablecloth is made by a family-owned company in Italy, giving it a luxe, handmade feel.

Cons: There are only four colors available, and their available sizing differs.

Cool neutrals are the name of the game when it comes to this Italian-made linen tablecloth that earns Soria’s stamp of approval. It’s available in a handful of blues and earth tones, and two sizes. According to Williams Sonoma’s handy size chart, the 70-inch tablecloth is big enough for a 42-55-inch diameter table, and the 90-inch option will cover a 55-70” round table.

Price at time of publish: From $160


Pros: This linen blend tablecloth comes in a hard-to-find 180-inch length.

Cons: Only one color is available. It is made with a high percentage of synthetic fibers, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

Serving a crowd? For XL dining tables, only an XL tablecloth will do. This pretty lace-hemmed option from Wayfair will get the job done in style. We’re impressed at the 180-inch length, although other dimensions are available if you’re sold on the design but don’t need so much size. The natural cream color is a ringer for most modern styles, but it would look especially nice in a farm-style or country kitchen.

Price at time of publish: $96 for the largest size


Pros: This tablecloth is inexpensive and ships quickly from Target.

Cons: Some of the color options sell out (although they regularly restock).

Looking for a petite tablecloth to cover a square table? This 100% pure linen option is sold at Target, and we honestly couldn’t believe the price at first click. It’s under-$40 but would look like a cool million on a small square table. The crisp white and dark grey is classic, but we’d love to see how clever cooks style the pretty-in-pink option for Easter.

Price at time of publish: $38

Crate & Barrel

Pros: It’s well-made with a tidy stitched two-inch hem.

Cons: Only three colors are available. The only shape available is rectangular.

This is one of Soria’s favorite linen tablecloths. It’s classic, elegant, and boasts excellent craftsmanship at a very attractive price. The fabric is thin enough to be ever-so-slightly sheer, which lends an everyday casual look. But don’t worry: Due to its 100% linen makeup, this tablecloth is super durable.

Price at time of publish: From $80


Pros: The fibers are thickly woven for a hefty aesthetic that won’t slip and slide on wood.

Cons: The cotton and linen blend makes it prone to shrinking.

This linen-cotton blend is extra thick for a hefty, gently textured feel that won’t slide around on natural wood. The three color options are all warm earth tones, making them a natural match for wood tables. Try orienting the tablecloth diagonally on the table, so the wood corners show. Reviewers have noted enthusiastically that it launders well.

Price at time of publish: From $21

Sur La Table

Pros: Its 100% linen fabric is nicely textured and very durable.

Cons: The natural color won’t suit more colorful styles.

This table runner has one job and does it flawlessly. It’s made from 100% highly durable linen fiber for a natural aesthetic. The wide stitched hem gives it a clean, polished look, but the best part is that Sur La Table has already washed it to minimize shrinking the first time you launder it.

Price at time of publish: $60

Does a tablecloth have to fit over your dining table perfectly? Soria recommends having 12-20 inches of overhang (the longer lengths translate to a more formal style). If you don’t have a ruler on hand, you can follow Henderson’s approach: “Just make sure the fabric hanging off the sides is at least brushing the tops of the chair seats.”

You may also want to consider a more unconventional approach: “I honestly love when a tablecloth is placed diagonally on a table so that some of the table is still showing,” says Henderson. “It’s a more casual look but that’s what I love about it.”

Linen is a very durable fabric, thanks to its strong fibers. It’s also less prone to pilling than cotton. Although linen gets softer with each wash, it doesn’t easily tear or thin out. These beneficial qualities diminish as synthetic fabrics are added to the blend.

Most linen and linen blend tablecloths can be machine washed. However, some require a little more “babying” to keep in top shape. Henderson suggests considering who will be using the tablecloths: “Will young kids (or messy adult eaters) be at the table? If so, make sure to get a fabric that’s easy to clean,” she says. In this instance, linen blends with a higher percentage of synthetic fibers are a good choice: They’re less prone to staining.

Remember that 100% linen will shrink after the first wash; usually, no more than 5% if laundered in cold water and line-dried or tumble-dried on low heat.

Because linen is a natural fiber, many linen tablecloths have an earthy, neutral look (think: fifty shades of beige). But if color is your thing, don’t be afraid to play with dyed fabrics. As for the finishing touches: A stitched hem lends a polished aesthetic, whereas a raw hem looks more rustic. For playful flair, consider tassels.

Linen is prized for its texture, which is slightly rough and has a more “natural” feel than synthetic fibers. “It’s just a great combination of rustic and elegant,” says Soria. He notes that if you’re looking for something a little more durable, consider a polyester-linen blend, which is more stain resistant, and less prone to wrinkling.

There’s so much to consider when buying a tablecloth. You can narrow your options down when you consider texture, washability, and color — the top three factors to consider, according to Soria. If you’re just building your collection of table linens, he suggests starting with neutral-hued tablecloths. “You can always add color with placemats and napkins, which wear more quickly and need to be replaced more frequently than tablecloths,” he says.

What to avoid? Any tablecloth that isn’t machine washable. Soria says they’re his home design pet peeve — and they’re probably yours, too!

For a traditional look, choose a tablecloth with between 12-20 inches of overhang on all sides. But, Soria says, those rules are flexible based on style: “If you have a smaller tablecloth and you want to leave some of the table exposed, that can be done by adding placemats or chargers to create a consistent look around the table.”

Linen is less fussy to clean than you may think. Treating it immediately with a stain remover is key. Adding baking soda to the wash cycle will help gently pull stains from the fabric, too. Soria has a few more tricks to share, too. After a friend spilled wine all over his tablecloth, removing it was a cinch. Here’s his method: “I just pre-spray the tablecloth with a stain remover like Zout, add baking soda, and Oxyclean.”

“Depending on the look you're going for, ironing may or may not be necessary,” says Soria. If linen is line-dried, it will have a slight wrinkle that is often revered in rustic aesthetics. Although most linen tablecloths can be tumble-dried, Soria avoids it. “That tends to curl the edges in a way that looks lumpy once set on the table,” he says.

Prefer a tidier aesthetic? Soria says, “Linen responds very well to a hot iron so while it's a task to iron a linen tablecloth, it's pretty rewarding because it looks so crisp and beautiful once the table is set.” Hint: Use the steam feature on your iron!

Rochelle Bilow is a food writer and editor with over a decade of professional experience. Previously a senior associate editor and social media manager at Bon Appétit and Cooking Light magazines, Rochelle is also a novelist, a culinary school graduate, and a former professional baker and line cook. In researching this article, she spoke with two interior design experts and read dozens of reviews from major retailer websites.

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