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The Best Bedroom Curtains to Spruce Up Your Space

Jul 03, 2023Jul 03, 2023

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Blinded by sunbeams or worried about your expensive furniture fading? It might be time to invest in some quality bedroom curtains.

While letting natural light flood your bedroom might brighten your day, it can also be a little inconvenient to have constant sunbeams coming in through the windows. Whether it’s a pesky glare on your desktop screen midday, outside distractions in the middle of Zoom meetings, or the looming threat of your furniture fading from sunlight, bedroom curtains make all the difference.

Not only can curtains be functional with room darkening and thermal insulation, but they also are a design element that can help tie a room together and add some privacy to your space, not to mention the improved acoustics when you have sound-dampening fabrics hanging on the wall.

Some curtains eliminate 80% or more light in a room, depending on the fabric and thickness of the panels. These are labeled as blackout or opaque curtains. If natural light is a must for you, sheer curtains let in the warm sunshine with the bonus of privacy and diffused, rather than direct, sunlight.

If you're just looking to elevate the interior design of your space, there are a plethora of curtain styles on the market that can add dimension to your bedroom. Fabrics like velvet and microfiber are thick and soft to the touch, whereas abstract prints and florals bring a splash of color.

No matter what your needs are, skimping out on curtains just leads to frustration and expensive replacements. We found a selection of high-quality curtains with a variety of fabrics, lengths, and prints to fit your vibe, whether you're looking for an affordable remodel or a premium lighting solution for your home. We've selected the best bedroom curtains by considering price, durability, and function so you can find the ideal curtains for shade and privacy.

If you want bedroom curtains that are straightforward but add flair, these are the ones for you. The polyester blackout curtains block a majority of outside light and can help save energy, plus they may dull some outside noise. The bedroom curtains are available in 16 colors and five sizes. Keep in mind that they're sold as individual panels.

Bring a little country warmth to your bedroom with these buffalo check curtains. They're semi-opaque with an all-over checkered design, and a ruffled valance along the top. They have rod pockets for easy installation, too.

The bedroom curtains are available in five colors and four sizes, though you'll have to purchase two because they're sold singly.

For a more eye-catching bedroom curtain, try this style from Eclipse. The 100 percent polyester blackout panels can help make your sanctuary extra dark, and they're easy to set up thanks to the grommet header. The bedroom curtains are available in four different sizes and five different colorways in the same print.

These ruffle-top curtains are sure to add a chic and modern vibe to your bedroom. They aren't lined, so they will provide privacy but won't block out all of the natural light coming in from your window. The tie ribbons along the top are a charming detail that completes the look. The bedroom curtains come in five colors and three sizes.

Sheer bedroom curtains are more decorative than practical, as they offer zero privacy and light-blocking. Still, they always look elegant and with a double hanging rod they can be layered with room-darkening curtains.

The polyester fabric is lightweight yet durable, and there are dual rod pockets to hang the curtains with a ruffle on top or without for a neater look. Choose from 14 colors and eight sizes.

These ombre bedroom curtains add visual interest without looking too flashy. They are a few different takes on the direction of the color gradient — either horizontal or vertical — and the grommet top adds a contemporary touch to the look. Choose from a whopping 37 colors and patterns available in eight sizes.

These double-paneled curtains have blackout fabric as well as a sheer overlay for a more sophisticated look. They can be styled in a variety of ways, with both layers of curtain pulled to the side or only the tulle pinned back. Five sizes are available, along with a great selection of colors.

Your kiddo deserves some upgraded bedroom curtains, too! This design from Andover Mills has a small star cut-out print on the main blackout panels, so when light shines through it creates a fun visual effect. There’s a tulle overlay for added whimsy, and grommets on the top for easy addition to a curtain rod. Choose from 12 color options and three sizes.

These crocheted boho curtains are another great pick if you want privacy but also natural light. They're semi-sheer and trimmed with tassels, and there are several styles available in a mix of patterns and fabrics, along with a few solid colors. All have a similar vintage vibe and are sold in a pair, with 3-inch sewn-in pole pockets.

For bedroom curtains with colorful graphic prints, try this collection from Ambesonne. All feature abstract, artistic designs — with a whopping 42 options. They're made with microfiber fabric that's very soft to the touch and machine-washable. It's too bad they only come in three sizes

Classic velvet curtains always do the trick to elevate any space and look particularly luxurious in the bedroom. These panels from Mercer41 are room-darkening and can help reduce noise to create the ultimate cozy sanctuary. There are 17 colors to choose from including navy, blush, and plum.

Room-darkening and thermal curtains are a great option if you want to boost insulation in your bedroom without giving up too much sunshine. These traditional bedroom curtains feature a floral print that's broken up with a solid white section so they don't look too busy. Different sizes are available depending on where you want the hem to sit.

These luxurious bedroom curtain are a Maximalist's dream, featuring crushed velvet in saturated hues, pom-pom trim, and wide tieback panels. They're unlined but the fabric is heavy enough to block out almost all light. For an even richer look, layer them with a sheer curtain in the back, as shown in the photo. The bedroom curtains come The thick material will block out a majority if not all natural light.

These polyester curtains are a plain and simple blackout option if your bedroom has a more minimalistic style. They features a sewn-in pole pocket and are sold in a pair, and with 31 colors and 25 sizes available you're bound to find something that works in your space.

An accent color can really bring a space together if the rest of the room has more neutral and muted colors. These bright and bold gold curtains will do just that. They are made of velvet, and have two different rod pocket sizes so you can customize the top hem to your liking. Choose from 18 rich hues and seven sizes.

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