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Use Your Dryer To 'Dust' Your Curtains To Get Them Cleaner Than Ever

Aug 14, 2023Aug 14, 2023

Cleaning days comprise routine tasks, such as mopping, sweeping, doing laundry, etc., but, often, we forget to clean the curtains. However, they're prone to dirt and dust as well and should be on the cleaning schedule, too. Curtains can easily get dusty because their fabrics absorb moisture from the air, which ends up attracting both dirt and dust from sources like air vents and ceiling fans. If you find your curtains are more than a little dusty and in need of a good cleaning, consider giving them a spin in the dryer.

Using the air-fluff setting on your dryer, simply toss your curtains in with a damp towel. In about 20 minutes, you should see your curtains looking a lot cleaner. This is because the dust and other particles, like pet hair, will jump from the curtains to the towel and stay there. Note, you don't want the air-fluff setting to run with the heated setting, so ensure the heat is off.

This dryer method will work for curtains that aren't safe to be washed; however, if your curtains or drapes are machine-washable, you can throw them in the washer to clean first. With this said, if you don't want to use your laundry machines to clean your curtains, there are a few other ways to rid them of their dusty condition.

Removing dust from your curtains in the dryer is an approach you can take if it's been a good while since you've dusted them at all. However, a routine dusting of your curtains should keep them in good shape day in and day out, allowing you to forgo the dryer (and washing machine) altogether.

For routine curtain dusting, make use of your vacuum's various attachments. These tools are perfect for removing dust from textiles like bedsheets, blankets, and, yes, curtains. Keep in mind you'll want to use a suitable setting when dusting your curtains, to prevent pulling any of the fabric into the hose and causing it to rip. In addition, taking your time with the vacuum will prevent wrinkles and creases from appearing on your curtains.

Vacuuming your curtains of dirt and dust buildup every couple of weeks is a good schedule to go by.

Depending on the style of your curtains, removing them from their rods to dust them in the dryer may be difficult. Some curtains will be too heavy to remove and some may not even fit in the dryer. An alternative is to steam clean your curtains. Steam cleaners sometimes come with similar attachments as vacuums do, and if not, you can purchase them.

When "dusting" your curtains with a steam cleaner, start from the top to the bottom and keep the attachment away from the curtain's fabric. You don't want to get too close to the fabric, or it'll get wet. As you move down the curtain, the debris will fall to the floor, so you can vacuum it when you're done steaming.

Like vacuums, you want to ensure you're moving slowly along the curtain and keep it in a straight, tight hold for a smoother surface to prevent creases. After steam cleaning your curtains the first time, it'll be easy to maintain them from getting dusty with a simple vacuum every week or two.